December 25, 2014

PEVA Shower Curtain Liner by Smarty Pants Supplies

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So some already know of the mold issues that I have had in the past. I am so totally happy with this product! First off the PEVA Shower Curtain Liner by Smarty Pants Supplies states what it says it is going to do! It is a heavy duty vinyl shower curtain that is wonderful, its not made like those flimsy cheap ones that you get at the dollar store, that you would use as a paint liner, no this one is awesome, it has excellent quality behind it, it is definitely heavy duty, plus it is mildew resistant. With my other cheap ones that I have purchased, i definitely had an issue with the slimy mildew, mold, and after a weeks worth of use, it had an odor. I love this shower curtain, because as of right now after three weeks, of 4 different people showering in the same bathroom, for starters, there is no mold or mildew noted, plus it doesn't stink like those cheap ones did only after a week, in fact there was no odor at all... Did I mention that there was NO MOLD just after three weeks of use!!!!! This is totally hugh for me, as I could not tell you how many shower curtains, cloth and plastic I have thrown away in just after two weeks worth of use, because of the mold, and mildew buildup and the odor. And you couldn't wash them in the washing machine, or place them in the dryer on a low heat, because they would melt and lose their shape.... yes I admit, I did try. I don't know what the makers of the PEVA Shower Curtain put in it, but they need to go teach those other shower curtain makers at the dollar store how to make a decent shower curtain! I would definitely recommend this shower curtain to anyone!!!!!!

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I received this product for my unbiased and honest opinion. Regardless, I only review products that I or my family personally will use.