December 26, 2014

I Pad headrest

front of headrest
I had the opportunity to try out the I Pad head rest. When my children go in the car with me, they like to be able to play games or watch video's that I had downloaded to my I Pad. The only problem that I indeed have was that they would always fight over it. So the last time we went on vacation, my children dropped my I Pad and it had cracked the screen the way it fell. I was so heart broken, because it was no longer under warranty. So at the beginning of this month, we sent my I Pad back to the manufacture to have the screen fixed and replaced. So when I saw an opportunity to check out an I Pad headrest, I jumped on it, as it would be perfect for my problem. Now, I have to only wait for the manufacture to ship it back to me and I will be good to go. The pictures I have are of the front and back of the headrest holder. I love that it is a solid black in color, and in fact is almost like a leather material that it is made of.
back of the headrest

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