December 12, 2014

100% Plant Based Konjac Sponge Infused with French Red Clay by Oleavine

I had never heard of this Oleavine product, but I did know that they are a wonderful company when it comes to Anti-Aging and Skincare Beauty. So the Oleavine Facial Sponge is a 100% Natural Konjac Fiber Sponge that is infused with French Red Clay. It is bigger then some of the Konjac Sponges that I have used in the past.

The sponge comes hard like a loofah. You will need to soak it in some water so that the sponge would get soft and puff up, which was several minuets. I then followed the instructions and gently exfoliated by my face in circular movements. The sponge felt really smooth on my skin, so I decided to add some of my facial cleanser.

 "When adding facial cleanser, please note...a little goes a very long way!" So once I am done exfoliating, I then washed my face with my facial cleanser, rinsed out the sponge, and push it together with my hands, then hang it to dry. The one thing that i do like is that you can sterilize it every couple of weeks by boiling it in water or placing it in the microwave for one minute. Plus, I love that it is completely natural, so it's earth friendly. There is one thing that I would change or add to this product, and it would be a little suction cup to hang it up to dry.

Another thing that I love is that it is 100% All Natural, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable.There Konjac fiber is grown on the volcanic plains of Jeju Island in South Korea, and it is free from chemicals, pollution and irritants. Plus this is not tested on Animals and is Vegan Friendly, there are no added dyes or colorants added.

If you would like to purchase one of these awesome Facial Sponges, you can check out my Amazon Link: