December 31, 2014

Flex Your Way to Fitness with Resistance Bands :)

So for my family and I's New Year's Resolution, we vowed that we were going to get healthy, lose weight and get in shape. So starting tomorrow, my family and I will be on our way to a fitness journey along with lifestyle changes. Since I am unable to get to the gym due to some physical disabilities, we have coordinated with my doctor, we both agreed that a mild workout DVD set, and some resistance bands would work along with moderation in eating, in hopes that we would all hopefully lose some more of the dreaded weight that found us.

So in exchange for this product, the Cynergy Flex System Flex Your Way to Fitness, I advised that I would give my honest and unbiased opinion.
For starters in this kit you get:
  • 1 extra light resistance band (yellow)
    • 1 light resistance band (green)
    • 1 medium resistance band (red)
    • 1 heavy resistance band (blue)
    • 1 extra heavy resistance band (black)
    • 2 foam handles for you hands
    • 2 ankle straps
    • 1 door anchor
    • and a cute bag to put it all in.
    In my opinion, I do like every thing, I like that each person can choose their own resistance level. As for myself, I will be starting off slowly and progressing my way up the bands, in hopes of becoming healthier, toner, and maybe even shed a few pounds. Being that winter is upon us, it will be hard since we will be coped in a house, but it will be okay, as we can have fun and workout together as a family in our home. It's still to early to tell, but I'm sure since I have been on this battle though the holiday's, I can only look toward swim wear season next summer, because I would like a new swimsuit! Your gonna have to take baby steps at the beginning to accomplish a mile sooner or later. So check out the family working with the resistance bands already. And keep up to date with my progress on my blog :). Happy New Years everyone!!!


    Plus, the company has offered my readers and followers a cool promotion as well. Since the fitness season is upon us, they are offer you guys a 50% off discount when purchasing this product through amazon. Use coupon code H8EFNSS2 and it will expire 3/1/15

    If you would like to check out the Cynergy Flex System and see what others have said, or purchase it for yourself check out the following link: