January 21, 2015

MatchaDNA Handheld wireless Milk Frother

The one thing that I truly miss since moving to Arkansas, was going and getting French Vanilla Cappuccinos and Hot Chocolate at the coffee shop before my dad would go to work. More so I think that it may have been how they took fresh cold milk, then made it all warm and frothy. This was the best part for me. Unfortunately, this was several years ago, and the shop ended up closing after moving to Arkansas, so my children never were able to experience the joy of one of my favorite childhood memories until now! I recently had an opportunity to try the new MatchaDNA Handheld wireless Milk Frother in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Although I do like it, it works well when making my coffee, matcha green tea, or even hot chocolate for the kids. It is very simple to use, simply slide the button on or off, whisk it for 30 seconds or so and your done. It is also very quite and only requires 2 AA batteries which are not included. I would prefer that it would have been stainless steel as my son accidentally dropped it when getting it out of the cabinet, and the battery compartment holder came off very easily as the casing is plastic. It does continue to work, so I do know that if it withstands my children, then it is a decent product, and for the price it is an excellent value.

If you would like to check out what other's have said, or purchase this for yourself, check out the following link: http://www.amazon.com/MatchaDNA-Milk-Frother-Handheld-Electric/dp/B00MJFH9KS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top