January 10, 2015

Digital Wireless Headphones with Charging Dock

The Digital Wireless Headphones with the Charging Dock are totally awesome, and a must have if you have parents that like to watch T.V. so loud that it hurts your own ears! I had the opportunity to check out this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest & unbiased opinion.

I love that it has an amazing high quality crystal sound that does not sound distorted in any way. This product comes with the wireless headphones, a wireless transmitter that acts as the headphone charging dock as well as two AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, which when you put them back on the charging dock, they automatically recharge, which is awesome in my book, as I hate having to change batteries in electronics! I as well love that they are very lightweight and comfortable, and have a nice soft padded headband and earpads. The earpads were slightly larger on my ears, which muffled out everyone's voice when I put them on, which was nice, and I wore them for a couple of hours listening to music, and I honestly forgot that they were on my head.

You can use these just about anywhere, as it also gives you the cords for using them in a portable CD player, or computer that does not have blue tooth capability, and is perfect for use with the TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, MP3, iPods, Smartphone devices and Hi-Fi radio. It can transmit up to 100 feet away which doesn't require you to keep them directly in front of the transmitter. I tested out this theory, and walked out my door to where my car was parked, and was still able to hear the TV loud and clear through the headphones. Also this digital wireless headset has smart features which were really cool, and have become my new best friends when I go to my mom & dad's house!!!

If you would like to check out what other's have said about this awesome product or purchase it for your self, check out the following link: http://goo.gl/sZlfhd

I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Regardless, I only review products that my family or I personally use.