April 12, 2015

Perfect Natural Soap & Face Wash - 100% All-Natural

The Perfect Natural Soap & Face Wash is 100% All-Natural & 98% Organic! This soap has botanical ingredients yet, it is a delicate yet powerful cleanser. It is perfect for all skin types. It is all natural, and chemically free. When I am looking at different soaps for my delicate facial skin, this is what I look for in a facial cleanser. Since I had my facial cancer, and needed to have reconstruction to repair the damage that the cancer has caused, my skin has become do fragile. love that this soap has no added fragrances, synthetic dyes, lathering agents. This soap says it does what it does, it is amazing, and I would highly recommend it.

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As a blogger, I  was offered a complimentary bottle of FoxBrim Perfect Natural Soap, in exchange for product testing and my honest and unbiased opinion and review.