April 12, 2015

Luxe Home Essentials Microfiber Kitchen Dish Towels- Super Absorbent Dish Towels- 3 Pack

The Luxe Home Essentials Microfiber Kitchen Dish Towels Set are super absorbent dish towels. They are made of a microfiber material, and they are very nice, and work well for all of my kitchen needs. They are soft enough to do dry off flatware and dishes and strong enough to provide a through cleaning when it comes to cleaning my kitchen. They as well are very easy to wash, I just threw them in with my other towels that I was washing. No lint was noted when I dried them. Overall, I am very satisfied with these kitchen towels, and would recommend them to anyone who asks. They definitely deserve 5 stars if not more!

If you would like to check out these awesome Luxe Home Essential Microfiber Kitchen Dish Towels, or purchase a set for yourself, check out the following link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b00nkkobes

As a blogger, I received this product for testing purposes for my honest and unbiased review.