April 27, 2015

Help Support Toby's fight!

Hey everyone, I know that I have asked, begged, and pleaded, but I really need your help and support. Late last week, my sweet Yorkie was hit by a car. By the grace of God, he is still alive. He will require extensive medical bills at his veterinarian's office, will have to face surgery once he is strong enough to reset his bones, and more then likely lose his right leg, and will have to have a dogie wheel chair. Please if you can help me, help my baby not only by prayers, but financially. Even if it is a dollar, please help us. I will be holding up a fundraiser to help raise funds for my sweet baby, and will be posting pic's of him at the doggie hospital that he is in later today. I have never liked seeing him or any animal in a cage, but at this time, this is where he is and it breaks my heart.

If you can help us, our go-fund-me account is gofund.me/sqy2jm4.

God Bless,