April 10, 2015

Jordan P. H. Stein Photography

Growing up in Miami Beach, Florida, I came across several people growing up. I had a friend that grew up in the lower part of Manhattan, and how I miss those days of seeing him. The emotion that Mr. Stein brought back just looking at his photo was incredible. All I can truly say is wow, it was truly amazing and impressive to say the least! It was like I was sitting on the boat, looking at one of my friend Mike's picture, and how I wished, I could have seen it in real life.

Mike's father actually worked for a family that moved their fleet of ships up and down the East Coast, till he was transferred down to the Port of Miami. I remember spending hours on end on the phone with him, when he was 2000 miles away just telling me what Manhattan and Brooklyn were like, and that when he was a young child his mother would take him to the park, and he would wave to his father when his ship came in. I was not completely sure if it was Battery Park, but I do believe that it was, as he said their was a Coast Guard Sign at the entrance. The picture that Jordan Stein took is of Battery Park, that is on the East-side of Manhattan. The quality and professionalism that is portrayed is amazing to say the least. Check out his landscaping photography, and you can see for yourself.

If you would like to check out his photography and see what other amazing photo's he has, check out the following link: http://www.jordanphstein.com/

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.