April 17, 2015

Indoor Smokeless Stove Top Grill Product

The Indoor Smokeless Stove Top Grill is pretty cool. I love that I can get grilled food, without having to go outside and turn the grill on. I was happy to get to try Ramini Brands Smokeless Indoor Barbecue Grill. It was super easy to set up, I just put the large ring on top of my electric eye and put some water inside the ring to steam and also catch the grease. I then put the grill part on top of the ring and turned my stove top on Medium Heat. I seasoned 2 large chicken breasts and placed them on the grill. There was no smoke, no fire, just the sizzle of the grill, that was it.

This indoor grill is very very convenient, and would be perfect for an apartment or a rainy day. Since I no longer have to buy charcoal or go outdoors in bad weather when I want to cook on the grill.  I grilled some pepper and onions after the chicken breasts were down, and it all turned out very well. Once finished, I cleaned the indoor grill with soap and water; The food did not stick, and overall, I am completely satisfied with this product!

If you would like to check out the Indoor Smokeless Stove Top Grill and purchase one for yourself, a friend, or loved one, check out the following link: http://www.amazon.com/ramini-brands%c2%ae-smokeless-indoor-grill/dp/b00txi8m9g/ref=sr_1_46?ie=utf8&qid=1425522320&sr=8-46&keywords=indoor+smokeless+grill

I received this product for testing purposes, and for my honest and unbiased opinion.