March 7, 2015

Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes with CosmeticsBag

If you are a person that has a sensitive scalp, or in fact a mother with a daughter that has one, then this brush set is am absolute must when it comes to brushing hair! My daughter has a super sensitive scalp, even since she was a small child, and I would brush and comb her hair. There have been times, that when her hair was so fine, it would mat up, under her neck and scalp area, and if we didn't keep her hair in a pony tail, we would spend an hours on end unmatting her hair, while she cried. As a mother it is heart wrenching to say the least, because,  I was on the verge of just cutting it all off, and letting her have short hair when she loved her long hair.

Believe me, it is nothing more upsetting to try combing your daughter's hair and her crying! Until now! My daughter loves the detangling brush, I can not tell you how many places we have looked for one of these brushes, and now today, I have the opportunity to review one for my honest and unbiased opinion. At first I looked at them, and said no-way is this gonna work! But in fact, this brush proved me wrong! It does work, and my daughter is super happy with no more tears in hear eyes! She loves it, and takes it everywhere!

If you would like to have a stress free morning with your little one, then I would definitely consider purchasing one of these brushes! The detangling brush is Awesome as my daughter would say! and those are the words of a ten year old! Check out the following link, and see what others are saying: Plus it comes with an awesome make-up back as well.

My daughter and I received this product at  discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.