March 22, 2015

1.25 Travel Bottles by Dot Dot!

So I had the opportunity to check out these awesome little 1.25 ounce travel bottles. These travel bottles will not leak during airline travel and pass through the TSA check points as they are TSA approved and approved for carry-on use. These bottles are wonderful for the busy traveler. These bottles as well are FDA approved which is cool, because you can store baby food or liquid in them.

Plus with the colors on the bottles, they can be easily identified, and your never left guessing which is which. Refilling these bottles are super easy all you do is remove the lid, and the one thing that I love about these is unlike the hard plastic ones, the soft and sturdy silicone makes it easy to squeeze out all of the contents. You can't go wrong with these little 1.25 ounce travel bottles, they definitely deserve 5 stars!!! and I would highly recommend them!

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I received this product for testing purposes. This is my true, honest, and unbiased opinion!