March 27, 2015

Babiesbygran Reborn Dolls

Babiesbygran Reborn Baby Dolls are a one of a kind. They are very unique and so life like it is unreal. I had the opportunity and pleasure to sit down and visit with the owner, Mrs. Gilmore. Mrs. Gilmore has been making these gorgeous, precious sweet baby dolls since 2005 when she wanted to make a few for her grand-daughters. What started out as a hobby turned into a business in which you can definitely tell the love and passion that she puts into it.

To create these precious baby dolls and bring them to life takes approximately 3-4 weeks for just one doll. They are realistic and life like which anyone can tell the love that goes into them. She has sold them through E-bay, Etsy, and now through her Facebook page which is dedicated to Babiesbygran. Most dolls come from a factory line and are made of cheap plastic. Babiesbygran are made with the highest quality material. I can assure you, if you purchase one for you or a loved one, you will not be disappointed!
You can check her out on Facebook, and see some of her incredible work at :

Her dolls are worth their weight, and I know that my daughter, her granddaughters, and former customers have loved them for many years, and many years to come. They are something truly special.