August 19, 2015

WashGuard Lingerie Bags for Laundry

I  had the opportunity to check out the WashGuard Lingerie Bags. But before I give you my opinion, first let me tell you a bit what the company has to say about their product.

  • 2015 DESIGN AND MATERIAL - Ultra fine and silky soft non-abrasive mesh won't harm your delicate fabrics.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Tightly stitched, these premium lingerie wash bags will protect your finest garments for years.
  • LONG LASTING - Our strong wash bags are made from stain, stretch and tear resistant material.
  • RISK FREE - Your product is protected by our exclusive IX Better Home guarantee - You will love these premium lingerie wash bags or your money back. THIS BUSINESS SERVES YOU FIRST.

Okay, so last week, I received this lingerie wash bag in the mail. Once I ordered it, it arrived super quick.  Being a larger women, my clothes are made slightly bigger, so of course I was curious as to how well these would hold up considering I would need several bags to wash my finer things in life.

The WashGuard Lingerie bag performed perfectly, and at this moment, I have no complaints. The mesh is smooth and you can definitely tell it is well made. Since I also like to sew, I as well checked the way it was stitched and made sure to see if it would hold up due to washing, in which it did. I can tell you, I have used it about a half dozen times, and I love how it takes care of my delicate's, it keeps them in great shape with no snags noted. I will definitely give these WashGuard Lingerie Bags a five star and would highly recommend them to anyone who asks!

So if you would like to check out the company, and see what others are saying about this awesome Lingerie Bags, check out the following link: or you can find them on Amazon at

As a blogger, I received this product for testing purposes and for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.