February 27, 2015

Replenish Probiotics for Kids by GreenHerb

As a nurse, since I have to take so many different medications, it is very important that my digestive system is on track, and not having any issues. Being healthy and happy about your body is a matter of choice, and personally it has come to an everyday choice that I choose to do, as I have seen the benefits that can come with it.

Reading the label, Replenish Probiotics for Kids is a good source of probiotic bacteria that can perform a very important role in your digestive, metabolic and immune system. What they do, is they produce enzymes that help break down the food we eat, as well as regulate the vitamins that we intake, and convert sugars to the essential nutrients that our body needs. They are made from grains and herbs grown organically in Australia, which have no chemical fertilizers or pesticides and chemical fertilizers and are in full compliance with Australia’s strict regulations for organic farming, which is pretty cool in my book.

The grains and herbs go though a low-temperature fermentation process that produces 100% fermentation, so with that being said, it goes through a predigestion stage which breaks down the nutrients into their most basic form so even people with compromised digestive system can easily absorb these proteins. It as well gives us a full spectrum of 20 amino acids that our bodies need as well as a multitude of rich Vitamin B vitamins and enzymes which helps our body digest our food.
With the help of these extra enzymes, they break down excess protein, fat and carbohydrates that clog the intestines and colon.

Being that these are for kids, my daughter and I are going to start taking the Replenish Probiotics for Kids. Although the taste is not all that grand, it does have a unique and distinct order of the fermentation.  I do feel that these would be better off taken in a capsule form then in a wafer tablet, but personally that is my opinion. As for myself and my daughter we like this brand, however we wish that it would be in a capsule form then the wafer, but either way, I am sure that the wonderful effects are definitely beneficial and would recommend them.

If you would like to check out what others have said, or purchase this for yourself, check out the following link: http://www.amazon.com/probiotic-kids-nutritional-lactobacillus-dramatically/dp/b00hbjng68/ref=sr_1_5?ie=utf8&qid=1421260035&sr=8-5&keywords=green+herb+replenish+probiotic

I received this product for review in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.