February 20, 2015

Imaginative University activity kits!

The ImaginativeU is a subscription service that sends activity kits, that are created for children ages 4 to 10 to a designated child of your choice. Each of these awesome kits contain all the supplies and instructions to complete anywhere from 3 to 6 interactive and educational projects centered around a theme. My daughter Savannah has received two different boxes so far, which both kits have wonderful activities, that she loves to do. Kits can range from Paleontology, Seeds, Snow, Measurement, etc. These projects vary and are often a mixture of science, art, literacy and crafts which most kids love.

The kits are mailed out within the first 2 weeks of each month, but the exact day and package size may varies. There theme topics are as follows:

  • January: SNOW!
  • February: TEETH!
  • March: EGGS!
  • April: POTATOES!
  • May: INSECTS!
  • June: CreARTivity 2015!
  • July: ROCKS!
  • August: NIGHT SKY!
  • September: SUNFLOWERS!
  • October: ENGINEERING 2015!
  • November: PATTERNS!
  • December: REINDEER!

I know as far as my daughter she thoroughly enjoyed making GAK (a.k.a. Flubber) and making Snow as well as working the other projects in the kit. I know that if my daughter loved it, your child will too!

You can check out Imaginative U on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ImaginativeU or follow them on Pinterest atwww.pinterest.com/imaginativeu/ or check them out at their website which is www.imaginativeu.com

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.