February 20, 2015

Forlan Skincare Retinol Cream

Since I had my surgery to remove my cancer, I have been in search of products to help reduce the rest of my fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes, and mouth area. Personally, I do love beauty products, so when I had the opportunity to check out this particular product I said yes please!

Being that I am 37 and now have a mini face lift on my forehead, I feel that my skin is pretty good despite the years of being in the sun growing up. So, my skin has been through some rough times, but now is the time to use some type of preventative measure as well as a corrective measure so when I am 50, I don't look like I am 70. The Forlan Skincare Retinol dispenser is very nice & easy to use. I like that the cream is a thick but not so thick that it is greasy.There is a very pleasant floral scent is a very pleasing and not to overbearing like some creams can be. Two pumps with the dispenser covered my face and neck, and left my face very smooth and soft. Also since I have sensitive skin, this did not irritate my skin at all. I loved that it did help with my dark circles, as well as puffiness around and under my eyes. I loved that this cream has given me a more youthful look. I love that my complexion is showing a difference and that I have been receiving compliments on my skin. I have not noticed any reduction in my fine lines and wrinkles, but it does appear to look softer and smoother. When I get close to running out, I will be buying another bottle, as I can tell that there is a difference in my appearance.

So if you would like to check out what others are saying about this product or in fact purchase this product for your self, check out the following link:

I received the Retinol Cream with Vitamin A, C & E at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.