September 16, 2015

Hydracentials On the Go Lunch Bag!

I had the opportunity to check out the Hydracentials On The Go Lunch Bag. But before I give you my two cents about the product, let me tell you a bit about what the company says about this product.

Hydracentials Stylish On The Go Lunch Tote is great for ladies on the go and teens to take to school for their lunch- and any time you need to bring your lunch, snacks on the go and keep your perishable items fresh.  All the while keeping your style with our Lunch Tote.

This Hydracentials Stylish on The Go Lunch Tote Bag will keep everything from sandwiches and vegetables fresh, store plastic lunch containers and frozen entrees these cooler tote bags have interior and exterior linings to keep freshness and avoid leaks.  Our front pocket can be used to store utensils and other small items that don not need insulation or cooling.

Now for my two cents! I love the Hydracentials On the Go Lunch Bag! Not only is it very functional, but it is stylish as well. This Lunch Bag is very large, and has long shoulder straps, allowing you to carry your lunch and free up your hands, there is as well an outer pocket which can be perfect for utensils or other small items. The quality of this bag is wonderful, and it is well made and it has an insulated lining which keeps your food cool and fresh. Plus I would believe that it could hold a 6 pack of soda, the size is wonderful and could accommodate different size containers, snacks, and beverages. Plus since the holidays are coming around this would be great to get embroidered with a persons name, as I believe that it would hold up! The dimensions are 15 inches long 9 inches high and of course 6 inches deep. This bag is totally awesome, and I will be ordering more!

If you would like to check out this product, check out the following link:

As a blogger, I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.