September 20, 2015

Acne Mop

gI_89500_EdEverhart-AcneMop-Head-Woman-2I had the opportunity to check out the Acne Mop which provides Acne protection under helmets or sports gear. But before I give you my two cents about the product, let me tell you a bit about what the company says about this product.
Acne Mop Create's a anti-bacterial barrier between you, and your sweaty helmet or sports gear. By Infusing essential oils (Aloe-Vera, Tea tree oil, Clove, White tea.) In a headband, chin piece, shoulder piece. Wear on the sports field, or spa to keep your hair back, while infusing great products into your skin. To keep your pours open and clean. Sold in a resealable 5 pack.
With that being said, now let me tell you my two cents about this product. My son is one of the center's and linesmen on his football team, and he does suffer from moderate acne. I have tried multiple remedies to keep his skin from being acne prone, but it never fails, we have another breakout. We decided to try out the Acne Mop, as this is a product dedicated to athletes who face acne under their gear. We love that it is a disposable product, and after practices he can discard it. There are 5 to a package, so you take one out then seal it up in its re-sealable bag. So it is super easy for a convenient grab and go. As a mother I love that this is an all-natural product instead of those harsh chemicals in some of the products that he has used in the past that did not work. We finally found a product that seems to work, which keeps his pores unclogged and clean. I definitely feel that this has seemed to help and promote his self confidence as these years, children can be very hateful and will hurt others just for the fun of it. As a mother I would definitely recommend this awesome product! What my son says, "I like that it has helped decrease my acne, and I am no longer called crater face." To me this works, and is a miracle worker in itself. Thank you Acne Mop for allowing this mother to help her son through the use of your products!
  If you would like to check out this product, or in fact purchase this product, Please check out the following link:
As a blogger, I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.