December 9, 2015

World Vision Organization : Building a better world for our children. Please help and donate today!

Hello every one, I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season. I recently had the opportunity to learn about an Organization last year called World Vision. This organization has touched my heart in several ways and shares big dreams with gifts that teaches kids and families on how to give, and help others. They change the lives of the unfortunate children living in poverty by making a need for change, by not only how to learn how to raise animals, but to use these animals in providing for them for the rest of the animals life. They as well do so much for the community by having backpacks and supplies to children whose families could not afford it, hygiene packs for the homeless, providing clean water,  even by assisting and helping with education.

Around 400 million children in the world are under the age of 13, most of these children live in extreme poverty. Thinking about this, it is very heart wrenching because these are my own children age's. I could not bare the though of these innocent children, let alone my children going through life with nothing, because of the hand that they have been dealt.

With that being said, The World Vision Company came up with a solution which has been very helpful in teaching the people in poverty how to tend to animals, which provide for them as well. This Christmas season shoppers can help fight poverty by improving the lives of children with the life saving gifts from the 2015 World Vision Gift Catalog.

There are many things that can be purchased to fight poverty in America, or around the world. You can donate to a Disaster Relief fund, or give the Gift of a Domestic animal, such a a goat, pig, cow, sheep, chickens and so forth, provide medicine for the sick or even feed the hungry, You can donate time and help with fundraising for this group or even create packs for a wonderful cause.  If you really think about it, how many times do we go out to eat at restaurants. I know for my family of four, just to go eat at Colten's, its $75.00 or more. That's just one meal. If we thought about it, with World Organization for that $75.00,  that money could purchase 4 chickens, or share part of a dairy animal, create packs for the homeless, provide medicine to a sick child, or even provide food.

Sacrificing so little to us, means so much to these unfortunate people. Plus if you give to where the money is needed the most, you can get a free handcrafted gift, and all donations are tax deductible. I know that most money right now is tight, especially around the holidays, and we scratch our heads trying to think about what to do for others, instead of a giving a gift that will more then likely be re gifted, how cool would it be to donate to a charitable cause in honor of that special someone in your life. Even if it wasn't much, a little could go a long way. Plus if you have children like myself, it teaches them a life lesson, about how to help others, especially the less fortunate in need.

Even if you can't help right now, think about it, this organization could use assistance though-out the year. So please check out their page at
This is a wonderful cause that can provide people the skills and help needed to last a life time which will make a difference in which they live and their lives. Thank you and God Bless, and from my family to yours, we wish you a beautiful and safe Holiday Season,,,,Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Years!