June 2, 2015

Matcha Tea Ceremony Set by Matcha DNA

The Matcha Tea Ceremony Set by Matcha DNA is totally awesome and would make a wonderful gift for any Matcha Tea drinker. In the box, this give set contains everything that you would need to make a traditional cup of Matcha Green tea. The items include:

  • one ounce of USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • a handmade matcha tea bowl
  • a ceramic matcha whisk holder with handmade bamboo whisk
  • and a bamboo spoon

I love that this set is beautifully crafted, and will provide elegance and sophistication to any tea drinker when in use. Check out my video below:

If you would like to check out this product, or purchase it for yourself, check out the following link:

As a blogger, I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.